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One game that has retained its popularity from the simple living room in the house to the intoxicating environment of the pub is playing the darts. With a history that dates back to almost 100 years, the recently ‘in use’ electronic dartboard is the modern face of the game. The dartboards have shown quite a few transitions – from wooden boards to corks and more recently the electronic dartboard.

The most advantageous part of this modern version ‘electronic dartboard’ is the automatic scoring. There are sensors in the electronic dartboard that instantly provides the score of each player and are then programmed to give the score of the next player. These dartboards are safe, versatile and quite affordable and are a favorite of the people of all ages. electronic shops hsr layout

With the electric dartboards replacing the traditional dartboards which had steel tip darts, they are considered suitable for both kids and adults. As the darts of dartboards have plastic tips there is no risk of kids injuring themselves and even if they make regular bad throws and the dart hits the surrounding walls, they will not make holes in your wall as in case of steel tipped darts.

The traditional dart game was not considered safe for kids as there was a risk of kids hurting themselves with the darts. With new features these dartboards are a well accepted game for kids also.

Darts have been a favorite indoor game since ages and the only visible change has been that the old cork-surface dartboard has been taken over by the dartboard and which has been a huge success.

An electronic dartboard’s main advantage is its soft-tipped darts as compared to the old board’s steel-tipped ones. The soft darts are any day better and safer and this makes it more appealing for younger players also. Parents can relax if their youngsters are out playing darts on the electronic dartboard as there is no chance of them hurting themselves with the sharp steel-tipped darts.

An electronic dartboard is normally placed in the garage, basement or on a room cabinet. One vital point to consider while mounting the board is that all the shots may not hit the dartboard. This results in walls which are peppered with holes created by errant dart shots.



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